Jaspal Bhatti Comedy: When Bhatti paid the brunt of substandard building, needed to go to jail on fees of theft

Everybody desires of getting a home of their very own, however what occurs if you purchase a home and know that its building is of a low customary. The well-known comic Jaspal Bhatti, by means of his well-known TV serial ‘Flop Present’ within the 90s, has drawn a really comedian sense on the contractors and engineers who focus on second-rate constructions.

The story begins when Jaspal Bhatti is banging a nail on the wall of his home. Because the building is of poor high quality, the brick falls out of Bhatti Saheb’s wall on the neighbor’s TV as quickly because it hits a hammer, inflicting 12 thousand TV of the neighbor to burst.

There’s a battle between Bhatti Saheb and the neighbor over the compensation of TV which reaches the Housing Board Chairman. In the meantime, the information that the development of Bhatti Saheb’s constructing is so weak that if the hammer hits the brick, it reaches the thieves.

After this, within the constructing the place Bhatti Sahab lives, there’s a theft in his neighborhood and the entire cost goes on the poor Bhatti Sahab. Individuals assume that they’ve dedicated theft within the neighborhood of giving 12 thousand TV of the earlier neighbor. Nonetheless, after a while, the thieves once more attain there and resulting from poor building, your entire wall falls on them as quickly as they hit the hammer, then the thriller of this theft is revealed.

In the meantime, when the President of the Society and Bhatti Saheb go to the Minister to complain about such inferior constructions, what would the Minister be doing to honor the contractor whose most wished thieves have been caught resulting from inferior building.


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