CM Khattar spoke on Karnal uproar- some youth broke their promise

An amazing uproar happened in Karnal, Haryana as we speak. For 46 days, the anger of the farmers agitating towards the farmers’ legislation erupted as we speak. In the present day, there was going to be a Kisan Panchayat in Kaimla village of Karnal, during which CM Manohar Lal Khattar was additionally going to attend. However earlier than the assembly, a lot of protesting farmers reached right here and created a ruckus.

On this incident, CM Khattar mentioned that the administration had talked to the leaders of the agitators yesterday. During which he mentioned that we’ll maintain a symbolic demonstration however won’t do any such demonstration within the rally‚Ķ These individuals violated these guarantees as determined yesterday. Some individuals stayed the place they had been promised in response to the promise, however some youth, who had been most likely instigated, violated the promise. Our leaders had reached the stage. I needed to attain there by helicopter. These individuals reached the helipad. On account of which I understood that the legislation and order state of affairs shouldn’t deteriorate, so I took my helicopter to Karnal retaining security in thoughts.


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